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          Shanghai people storage Co., Ltd.




          People storage is a dedicated to all kinds of industrial supplies, daily necessities, storage and management of one-stop, integrated, professional services of integrated warehousing and logistics company. The company was founded in 2001.
          Company business philosophy: meticulous, fast response, and create value
          Company quality policy: integrity, customer first, continuous improvement, quality and efficiency
          Vision of the company in the future: to create a professional team, to create high-quality services for the international shipping center in Shanghai to become a positive contribution to the strength of the international shipping center
          After years of practice, the company's main business includes warehousing services, service facilities, excess warehouse flexible, individual rental packages, and in accordance with the principle of environment protection, safety and efficient and sustainable, seamless connection client and storage resources, make the enterprise become social recognition, common people are satisfied, and the service life of the specialized companies. Company is located in No. 308, Baoshan District, Shanghai City, Yangzong Road, base covers an area of 183 acres, warehouse area of nearly 70000 square meters, which heavy steel warehouse of about 18000 square meters, 20 tons, 10 tons of Lane 8. At present, in accordance with the professional, efficient and economical principle, the overall location of the division and planning, to meet all kinds of industrial, commercial customer storage management, logistics services and supporting services.
          The geographical position is superior, send and receive functions, good corporate reputation, comprehensive strength is strong, for many consecutive years was rated as outstanding enterprises and local government. We uphold the "honest and law-abiding, customer first, continuous improvement, quality," the quality policy, is willing to first-class management experience, improve the storage facilities, excellent staff, and thoughtful service, with customers cooperate hand in hand, and common development.








          Shanghai people storage Co., Ltd.

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